Monte Cruz Hunting Reports


October 2013


 The month of October marks the beginning of whitetail hunts on Monte Cruz Ranch and they have been very successful so far.  The ranch has been blessed with continuing rainfall this month which has kept the brush extremely green, and the temperature has been very mild which has allowed for many forbs and weedy species to pop up all over the area, this makes deer movement during the daylight hours very slow.  But the guides are still patterning new deer every day and keeping close tabs on those whose home ranges have already been determined.  The success on the first deer hunt of the 2013-2014 season has shown that the deer are here it is just a matter of finding the one you like. Congratulations to Pat and Linda Murphy, and Tommy Adkins on their very successful deer hunt!!
















































September 2013

Hunting Season is here!!

The 2013-2014 hunting season has officially started with the opening of the central zone dove season. A few hunts were disturbed by some scattered thunderstorms on Labor Day but overall the hunter success was extremely good around the Uvalde area for opening weekend.








Trail Cameras continue to run on the ranch and we are zeroing in on the patterns of some nice bachelor groups of bucks and trying to keep them close to home when they start to split up and establish their ranges, so we can be in a good position to ambush a few as the season approaches.


trail_cam_9-19-2_200x150.jpg trail_cam_9-19-3_200x150.jpgtrail_cam_9-19-4_200x150.jpgtrail_cam_9-19-5_200x150.jpgtrail_cam_9-19_200x112.jpg


August 2013


Trail cameras are out!


The trail cameras are out!!! The bucks are finally showing enough development that we can start to get a pretty good picture of what they are going to be.  We have placed a few cameras on the ranch the last few weeks,  just for a sample to see how often deer were visiting the feeders and they are visiting on a pretty regular pattern right now so all our cameras have been put out and a lot of pictures are soon to follow.   






































July 2013

Summer is here!!!

                After a dry start to 2013 some timely spring storms have given much needed relief to our region of south Texas.  The native range and pastures on the ranch have responded extremely well to the moisture we have received, and have led to excellent brush growth and grass production that should give the bucks a great boost going into the last two to three months of antler growth, and the added cover arrived just in time for the fawns which are being born every day. We are anticipating a great year for fawn survival on the ranch, and this should provide an excellent age structure in the herd for the future.  

The moist soil conditions also benefited farmers in the area planting their fields for fall harvests of corn, milo, and other grains which will make for excellent places to ambush dove this September.

Remember it is always hunting season in South Texas, summer spot and stalk hog hunting, with either archery equipment or a rifle, is an excellent way to keep your skills sharp and prepare you for shots you may need to execute during deer season. Hunting for hogs, Predators, and exotic game is legal year round in Texas.


January 2013

Happy New Year fellow hunters!

2013 has arrived and has brought some cold weather to really get the deer moving!

My name is Lindsay Davis and I will be filling the place of an administrative assistant at Monte Cruz Ranch and Outfitters.I am extremely excited to be a part of this operation and to keep everyone up to date on the latest and greatest news at Monte Cruz.

The last week of December and the first week of this year has brought some really cold and good hunting weather to Monte Cruz and has got our deer on the move! Every corner you turn at the ranch there is either a buck within site or a buck chasing a doe as the rut is starting to kick in. We are starting to see a combination of young and mature bucks that have not been scouted in previous seasons in our free range that range from 130-150. Hunts are already booking for next season and there is still time to book for the tail end of this season so give me a call or e-mail for details!

November Brings Whitetail Season to Full Swing at MCRO

From Left: Jr. Davis, Lindsay Davis, and Nicki Sarosdy - whitetail bucks from 2012 season  

Deer season is in full swing! Our hunters have been met with green conditions and warm weather. We have already taken a few good archery bucks, and some nice whitetails with rifles (pictured above). 

Scouting trips have produced some great 4 1/2 year old bucks grossing over 160 and some over 170. We are anxious to start seeing the 4 and 5 year old bucks we let walk last year, as their horn size will be great this season!  

Only a few spots remain open to hunt these big free range deer, so call now to plan a trip of a life time. Contact our office at 210-346-1543 as soon as possible.  

Happy Veterans Day!

The Staff at Monte Cruz would like to wish all our Armed Service Veterans a Happy Veterans Day! We are so grateful for all their selfless contributions. We honor and celebrate you. Each and every U.S. Veteran has helped keep our Country safe and free, and we truly appreciate your work. Remember to thank our Vets this Sunday! 

MCRO Lends Sympathy to Victims of Hurricane Sandy

Monte Cruz Ranch would also like to send out thoughts and prayers to all the victims of Hurricane Sandy. This devastating storm has left a trail of havoc and destruction, and we hope that everyone affected can rebuild quickly. If you would like to donate to victims of Sandy, please go online to

October 2012

MCRO Prepares Ranch as Whitetail Hunting Season Approaches 

October is here. The weather is turning cooler and the leaves are starting to change. That can only mean hunting season is just around the corner! 

It’s our favorite time of year at Monte Cruz and we have been working diligently around the clock to prepare the ranch for a fantastic season.  We are expecting a great year due to our pastures receiving great rain fall. Check out these new whitetail pictures for a preview of what’s to come. These are just a handful of bucks we have caught on cameras so far.  

Only a  few prime dates remain.  Call our office ASAP at 210-346-1543 to reserve your spot and book a hunt of a life time today!

Pictured below are three more trail camera photos taken from Monte Cruz. Left and center are two Free Range bucks,  and pictured right is another High Fence monster whitetail. 

Congratulations Michael & Kaity  

Monte Cruz Ranch Guide and Field Manager Michael Kelsey is getting married this weekend to his beautiful love, Kaitlin Hennessy.  

Congratulations to Michael and Kaity from all the staff and Monte Cruz Ranch. We want to wish you both the best of luck on your new life together!


September 2012

MCRO Sets Up Trail Cameras for Preseason Scouting

Pictured above are three trail camera photos just taken from our high fence. Free Range photos to come soon. Keep checking our web site photo gallery for the most current live deer photos.                                     

As we get close to our first dove hunt it means we are less than 30 days from the start of our MLD deer season and 60 days away from our general season starting. Our protein stations have been filled monthly, and we have been blessed with timely rains.   

will start our corn feeders this week on our low fence country and set our cameras out. Over the next few weeks we hope to be sending out and posting pictures of plenty of big deer we catch on our cameras. Hopefully our hunters have been target shooting their guns or bows to sharpen their skills over the summer. Hunting season is almost here and it’s our favorite time of the year!  

Congratulations to our Trade Show Drawing Winner 

Congratulations to Dana Clayton from Pearland, Texas! Dana is this year’s winner of our Corporate Whitetail Hunt Giveaway from the TTHA Hunters Extravaganza drawing.  We look forward to having Dana down at the ranch this fall for his first 8 point whitetail hunt with Monte Cruz. 

This year’s Hunters Extravaganza was a success for the ranch, and we enjoyed seeing all our Houston friends. Thanks to all those who came by our booth! We look forward to next time. 

August 2012

Hunters Extravaganza This Weekend in Houston 

We are packing our bags and hitting the road this week! Monte Cruz Ranch  is heading to Houston  for the Texas Trophy Hunters Association Hunters Extravaganza trade show. The show takes place this  weekend from August 3-5, 2012 at the Reliant Center. 

The 2012 show features celebrity guests including UFC Champion Matt Houghes, “Mr. Whitetail” Larry Weishuhn, and “Dr. Deer” Dr. James Kroll. There will also be plenty of attractions to check out such as Joe Martin’s Snakes of Texas, the Texas Junior Angler’s Catch Fish Tank, Youth Archery Shoot, Bubble Runner, Bungee Trampoline, Operation Game Thief’s Wall of Shame, and more.   Competitions throughout the show include a 3-D Archery Tournament and Annual Deer Competition, as well as prize giveaways all weekend long. 

Tickets to the trade show are only $10 for adults, $5 for children ages 13-17,  and free to children under 12 or those with an active military ID. The show is open on Friday from 3:00 PM - 9:00 PM, Saturday from 9:00 AM - 7:00 PM, and Sunday from 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM.  

Monte Cruz is located in Booth  #760, so please stop by.   More information about the TTHA Hunters Extravaganza is available online at hunters-extravaganza.  

Stop by Booth # 760 for your chance to win a great hunt from Monte Cruz Ranch! 

MCRO Booking Last Open Dove Dates


 Dove season is just around the corner! Monte Cruz has a few open dates still available for our fantastic dove hunts. Packages include meals, lodging, guides, game care, transportation on ranch, and skeet shooting. This is a great option for corporate groups. Secure your spot today before it’s too late! For more information, contact our office at 210-346-1543.

July 2012

Early Whitetail Scouting Begins at Monte Cruz Ranch

As we predicted last month, fawns are now hitting the ground at Monte Cruz Ranch! With a wet Spring and early Summer rains, the fawn population should be high this year. This will also help the deer herd population be sustainable  for years down the road.  

Early scouting trips in our pastures show that the body conditions of the deer look very good as we enter July. Antlers already seem promising even though there are still two plus months of growth remaining.  Guides will start setting up trail cameras after July 4th, so keeping checking our web site and future Hunting Reports to see images of the current whitetail as they continue to grow till the start of the season. 

MCRO Hunts Featured on Realtree’s Monster Bucks Series

This July, Monte Cruz Ranch will be featured on Realtree’s Monster Bucks series. The episode will feature David Blanton harvesting two great free range bucks from this past season.  

Monster Bucks airs Tuesdays at 9 PM, Wednesdays at Midnight, and Fridays at Noon Eastern Time on the Sportman Channel. Tune in this month to catch all the action! 

Monte Cruz Wishes Clients a Safe and Happy July 4th

Monte Cruz Ranch would like to wish all our clients a safe and Happy 4th of July this year. We hope you get to spend quality time with friends and family. We  want everyone to stay safe while traveling, and take extra precautions, especially when handling fireworks or boating activities.  

Monte Cruz would also like to take time to celebrate this great country, and honor our Independence. Thank you to everyone, past and present, that has served and protected America to keep our country free and safe.


June 2012

Monte Cruz Prepares for Hunters Extravaganza Houston Show

Monte Cruz Ranch is excited to participate in the Texas Trophy Hunters Association Hunters Extravaganza trade show this summer.  The show takes place at the Reliant Center in Houston, Texas, from August 3-5, 2012.  

This will be the third annual Hunters Extravaganza that Monte Cruz has participated in. We’ll be located in the same location, Booth  #760, so please stop by and say “hi.” We’d love to see all our Houston friends. 

The 2012 show will feature celebrity guests as well as the newest hunting equipment, clothing and gear. Tickets to the trade show are only $10 for adults, $5 for children ages 13-17,  and free to children under 12 or those with an active military ID. The show is open on Friday from 3:00 pm - 9:00 pm, Saturday from 9:00 am - 7:00 pm, and Sunday from 10:00 am - 5:00 pm.  

More information about the TTHA Hunters Extravaganza is available online at hunters-extravaganza.   

Summer Brings Fawning Season to MCRO

The temperatures in Texas are rising and the summer is just starting. June means new life for the whitetail at Monte Cruz Ranch as fawning will begin in South Texas.  

According to a study by Texas Parks and Wildlife, fawning occurs on average 200 days after the rut. For the South Texas Plains area, 90% of fawns were born by mid to late July, since the South Texas area has the latest rut of the state.  On average, 92% of the does sampled across the state were pregnant. Of those does, over half were found to have twins. However, not all of those baby whitetail made it to maturity. Predators can greatly diminish fawn populations, especially when adequate hiding cover is unavailable.  

Rain is an important factor in their survival rates, as well as the in the antler growth of mature deer.  Luckily, the ranch has seen more rain this year than last, so fawning should be more successful and help with growing the whitetail population for years to come.  


May 2012

Monte Cruz Featured in July Issue of Rifle Firepower Magazine

Monte Cruz Ranch is a featured outfitter in the latest issue of Rifle Firepower magazine for an article reviewing the new Dimension rifle from Thompson/Center. The piece features two whitetail hunts at MCRO from this past season. Contributor Mark Kayser successfully harvested both a free range trophy and corporate buck with the weapon.  

Rifle Firepower is a new bimonthly magazine from Harris Publications that features rifles and other weapons. More information about this magazine is available online at www. 

Look for the July Issue featuring MCRO in stores today. Also, the article is available to read online from our web site at under the Press page.


 Monte Cruz Booking for 2012 Season Dove Hunts

May is upon us and dove season is just a few months away! Monte Cruz Ranch is already starting to book up our prime dates.  

These dove hunts offer great opportunities and accommodations for corporate groups, father/son, families or friends. We offer excellent packages that provide premier hunting locations for Central and South Zone bird hunting.  

Hunt over grain fields of milo, corn or sesame, and fly ways or water holes. We can also arrange cowboy style or over dogs hunting. We can custom build a package to suit your needs. 

Call our office at 210-346-1543 for more information on these hunts or to reserve your spot today. Hurry as our remaining dates won’t stay open for long.


April 2012

2012 Spring Turkey Season Starts With a Bang

The 2012 Spring Turkey season has already started at Monte Cruz Ranch, and we could not be more pleased. The new turkey acreage we acquired has already proven to be successful. The Gobblers are more active and more abundant than seasons past. Pictured left is a very happy group from last weekend’s hunt. The South Zone’s Spring Turkey season lasts through the end of April, and we still have some open spots left. Contact our office at 210-346-1543 to reserve a spot on one of these great Spring adventures.  

More Rain is Good Indication for Fall Deer Season

Even though Spring has just officially started, it’s never too early to start estimating how the Fall Whitetail season will unfold. Over the last couple of weeks the Monte Cruz Ranch has been blessed with over four inches of rainfall. The brush is looking green and plentiful, which indicates a good start for the year. Healthy brush is not only important as a food source for whitetail, but it’s also used for cover, especially critical to fawn populations for increased survival rates. Though drought conditions may persist or increase this coming Summer, Texas as a whole is in better shape than at this time last year. This leads us to believe that there is a good chance we will have a more successful Fall hunting season for 2012. We have recently started booking up our prime 2012 whitetail dates, so don’t wait too long to secure your hunt. Contact our office at 210-346-1543 as soon as possible to reserve your spot.  

Monte Cruz Ranch Launches YouTube Channel

We are proud to announce that we have just launched a Monte Cruz Ranch YouTube Channel. This will feature video clips from the various TV shows we have been featured on, as well as our own videos from our client hunts. To check out our new channel, go online to and be sure to subscribe. A link is also available from the YouTube button at the bottom of our website homepage.  

We have also started featuring some of these clips on our website under the Press Page. In the future, we look to include more client videos on both our website and Facebook pages, so keep checking back often for updates.  

Finally, MCRO will be featured on Realtree’s new Monster Bucks DVD that is coming out soon. More details to follow.


March 2012

Monte Cruz Ranch Prepares for Spring Hunts

March comes at us fast and furious.  The flowers are blooming and the pastures are in great shape. Bucks are dropping their horns along fence lines, water and feed sources. At this point, the deer have come out of the rut in good form in most cases. When whitetail maintain healthy body conditions and deer are in less stress, bucks can carry their horns longer. For those that have already dropped their horns and have healthy body conditions, they will fare better now than they did at this time last year. We continue to need rain as our area lakes are low, and we have a ways to go to recover from the 2011 drought. However, conditions are more positive than last Spring.  

March also means the start of Spring Turkey season. We are seeing a lot more big Toms this year. We have added over 20,000 acres of prime turkey country.  Turkey hunting also gives us an excuse to get back in the pastures and scout for shed horns off big, mature deer that survived this past season. Contact our office today at 210-346-1543 to book your hunt. Our guides are ready to start calling in a wild ol’ Tom with a long rope beard! 

Dove Season South Zone Opener Currently Available

It’s never to early to start thinking of dove season. As of this hunting report, our Central Zone season opener is booked, but our South Zone opener is currently available. These two openers offer the best hunts of the year, and we expect another great dove season in 2012. There’s no better way to thank your hard working crew or your clients than bringing them on an action packed dove hunt. To book this hunt, call us at 210-346-1543 ASAP. This date won’t be open for long! 

MCRO Wounded Warrior Hunt Wrap-Up

Our wounded warrior hunter had a successful hunt! What a great time we had and how thankful we are for his past service. His efforts have helped Americans enjoy the everyday freedoms that we sometimes take for granted.  Watch for this hunt at MCRO to premiere on television later this year. More details to come. 


February 2012

Whitetail Season Wrap Up

It’s hard to believe deer season is winding down. However, our work is never done. We are already preparing for next season! Timely rains have blessed our pastures, and as we enter Spring the ranches are  in better shape than at this time last year. If deer have plenty to eat, they will regain their body weights and start more successful horn growth.  We have already begun filling dates for our Fall 2012 whitetail season. Contact our office at (512) 280-9990 for more information about available dates and pricing.   

Monte Cruz would like to thank all of our clients, new and old, for this past season. We welcome all of you to the MCRO family. Without you we would not be here. We strive for excellent service, and want to continue to create wonderful memories and successful hunts.  

Monte Cruz Ranch Hosts Wounded Warrior Hunt

Next week Monte Cruz is very proud to host a special hunt with Wounded Warrior Brandon Bailey. Bailey’s hunt at MCRO will be filmed by Orion Multimedia and presented later this year on the Grateful Nation program. The show will air on the Outdoor Channel network. Monte Cruz is honored to be a part of this program. We would not have our everyday freedoms without the support of our military, and we are excited to give back to a brave soldier in this way.

Spring and Summer Exotic Hunts at Monte Cruz Ranch

Exotic hunts are available year round at Monte Cruz Ranch, so what better way to keep your hunting skills sharp during the off-season.  Hunt big axis bucks, aoudad, gemsbok, or blackbuck. This is a great way to harvest some beautiful trophies without the headache or risks of international travel, and at only a fraction of the price it would be compared to an African safari.  Contact our office today at (512) 280-9990 to learn more about our exotic hunt prices and available dates.


January 2012

Monte Cruz Clients Harvest Larger Free Range Bucks

From all of us at Monte Cruz, we hope you and your family had a great and safe holiday season. As we enter January, we are just now starting to see and harvest our bigger deer. Pictured below are a free range 170 B&C, 160 B&C, 152 B&C , and a 138 B&C 11 point management buck. Limited spots remain for the  current season. These bucks were harvested in a dry year. Even though the season has been green with recent rains, it will only help these pastures come Spring time. Our 2012 spots will fill up fast, so please call our office at 210-346-1543 for open dates. 

Several TV Shows Featuring MCRO Hunts to Air in Summer

MCRO just completed three great TV shows. Realtree and David Blanton harvested two great free range bucks. Mark Kayser also harvested two excellent deer with Orion outdoors, and then Jeff and Luke Gorskie, a father and son team, shot two beautiful free range whitetail caught on film by Texas Trophy Hunters Association cameramen. Look for these shows to air on outdoor channels this summer around July. More details to come closer to when the shows will premiere. 

Monte Cruz Supports U.S. Troops

Monte Cruz Ranch gives a special thanks to all the brave men and women that have served our country in the Armed Forces. This time of year it is especially important to remember and honor our troops that have fought so hard to protect our country and its freedom. MCRO is hosting a Wounded Warrior Hunt later this year as a way to give back to those who have sacrificed in the line of duty. 

2012 Springs Hunts Just Around the Corner

Just a reminder that the 2012 Spring hunting season is fast approaching. Be sure to secure your Turkey, Hog, Javelina, Upland, Exotics and Predator hunts now. Contact our office for more information and rates on all Spring package hunts.



December 2011 Hunting Report

Deer Season in Full Swing; Few Remaining Dates Available

Thanksgiving has come and gone and Christmas is knocking on the door. We hope that everyone has a safe enjoyable holiday season. But before Christmas, we still have a few weeks of hunting to do. Mid-December is rut time in South Texas and it’s without a doubt the best time to be in the field. We only have a few open dates remaining.  Limited spots on December 12 -15 or December 19- 22 are still available, so don’t miss out. Contact our office at 210-346-1543 for more information, or contact our ranch manager, Bret Ferguson, directly at This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it   to book this date ASAP. Hurry, these prime slots will not be vacant for long! 

November was up and down due to hot temperatures and very green pastures. However, we did manage to take a few nice free range bucks and some great high fence bucks, including a 192” buck and a 177” shot by Mark Hopmann and his son.  Pictured above are other great bucks harvested this season by Jason Williams, Jerry Owens and Tom Louis. Keep checking our web site for updated photos. 

MCRO is also proud to announce David Blanton returns in mid-December. In addition, MCRO will  be featured on  TV shows with Texas Trophy Hunters Association and also Orion outdoors. Look for Monte Cruz to air this summer on the outdoor channels. More details to come.  

Holiday Season Giving- Hunters for the Hungry

This holiday season can bring many challenges for some. Over the past decade the face of hunger has changed dramatically in our county. One way that hunters can give back this season is by donating meat to a organization called Hunters for the Hungry. This group collects legally harvested game through local participating processors and then provides food assistance to local low income families. For a nominal fee which covers the cost of processing, hunters can provide others with food for the holiday season. In Texas alone, over 16,000 pounds of meat was donated in the 2009/2010 season. More information about this program and a list of participating processors are available online  at


November 2011 Hunting Report

Letter From the Ranch & Hunting Operations Manager: 

Dear Client, 

By the time you read this, we will be starting our third deer season at Monte Cruz Ranch. We are excited as this season starts and look forward to meeting our new clients and seeing our old friends again for another year. 

Start checking our trophy gallery as we continue to update it with recently harvested bucks. We anticipate taking a few of our clients to Los Cazadores deer contest.  

We are excited to announce our newest pasture located in Maverick county of over 16,000 acres of low fence free range country. Our survey produced a lot of big bucks. While conducting the survey, we saw the impact of the drought. Low fawn counts were frequent even on well-managed ranches. We were blessed to receive 3 to 7 inches of rain on all our pastures and that has greened up the brush. While the rain was much needed, the new growth has slowed deer movement to corn.  

I’m very excited about this upcoming turkey season. We have 22,000 acres of prime turkey country. Lots of big Toms have been seen, so start thinking of booking your hunts now.  

I’d like to thank all our dove clients for this past dove season. We added a few new groups this year and we look forward to having them back in 2012. 

Happy Hunting! 

Bret Ferguson, Ranch & Hunting Operations Manager  

Monte Cruz to Attend 2012 Hunter’s Extravaganza  

Monte Cruz Ranch will participate in the 2012 TTHA Hunter’s Extravaganza at the Reliant Center in Houston, Texas. The Extravaganza will take place from Friday, August 3 to Sunday, August 5th. MCRO will be located is our usual Booth # 760, and we can’t wait to see all our Houston friends.  

Monte Cruz would also like to congratulate Terry Covington of The Colony, Texas. Terry is the Grand Prize winner of this year’s TTHA Extravaganza’s Texas Sized Giveaway. Terry won a Trophy Whitetail Hunt Package for this season at Monte Cruz Ranch. Congrats Terry and we look forward to the hunt!  


October 2011 Hunting Report

MCRO Preps for Deer Season Scouting Photos 

Pictured above from left: Free Range buck, high fence buck, high fence buck, 2011 season.

Deer season is right around the corner! This month we start our MLD high fence hunts. In November we kick off our free range hunting. Open dates remain for both our high fence and free range hunting. Contact our office at 210-346-1543 for more information about these hunts. 

Dove Season Wraps Up at Monte Cruz Ranch

 Dove season has been very successful at Monte Cruz this year. Hunters have shot their limits over grain fields, fly ways, or water holes. Most groups are already rebooking for next season, so we have very few open dates remaining for 2012.  Contact our office at 210-346-1543 to reserve your dates or find out more about these great hunts.  

Monte Cruz Welcomes New Chef Kiley Morris

Kiley Morris recently joined the Monte Cruz Ranch. She grew up in a family of hunters in South Texas, and has had a passion for cooking since she was young. After graduating from Le Cordon Bleu Culinary School in Austin, Texas she had an internship in Vail, Colorado which sparked her interest in travel. She cooked in a resort in Germany for two years and has travelled throughout Australia, Europe, India and Nepal learning about other countries cuisine. Kiley pulls inspiration from her travels while making up new menu items. Her favorite dishes include Bacon Wrapped Red Stag Backstrap, Pistachio Crusted Porkloin and Chicken Fried Venison alongside homemade sides and desserts.


September 2011 Hunting Report

Monte Cruz Ranch Successful at Hunter’s Extravaganza

Thanks to everyone who came out to see us at the TTHA Hunter’s Extravaganza in Houston this past month. We enjoyed seeing our clients and making new friends. Monte Cruz had a successful show and looks forward to next year. Also, Monte Cruz would like to congratulate Ronnie Richerson, the winner of our Corporate Whitetail Hunt Giveaway from the Houston trade show. Congrats Ronnie and we look forward to hunting with you this Fall! 

* * * Updates From the Ranch * * *

As of this posting, dove season will be in full swing! We expect a good year with a lot of great hunts over stock tanks and grain fields. A few dates are still available so call now to reserve your hunt. 

It’s also never too early to book quail, upland, or turkey hunts. We have added some prime turkey country this past summer and look for a better season this year. 

Be on the look out for new batches of deer photos in the next couple of weeks. The bucks have finished out strong as they will start to shed their velvet in the coming weeks. We still have a few prime time rut dates open in December for low fence, free range hunters. We have plenty of open dates in our high fence, which starts in October on our MLD and runs to the end of February.  

Also, please remember to take a child hunting whenever you have a chance. Monte Cruz has several family style hunts that allow parents to bring their sons and daughters hunting. Our guides love to teach and hunt with our youth. It’s the future of our sport! 

Have a Safe and Happy Labor Day Weekend From MCRO!

The staff at Monte Cruz Ranch wants to wish everyone a safe and Happy Labor Day Weekend. We hope that our clients have safe travels, and that everyone enjoys the holiday! 

Thoughts for Victims of Hurricane Irene

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the people affected by Hurricane Irene. We have several clients and friends who are dealing with issues from the storm. Luckily they’ve reported doing ok, but could be without power for weeks.  Please keep them in your thoughts. We would also like to thank those serving in rescue and cleanup crews, as well as our armed services for all their help. For information on how you can help victims of Hurricane Irene, go online to the American Red Cross at  


August 2011 Hunting Report

 Monte Cruz at Hunters Extravaganza this Weekend

Monte Cruz Ranch is attending the Texas Trophy Hunter’s Association Hunter’s Extravaganza trade show at the Reliant Center in Houston this weekend. The show will take place August 5-7, 2011 and features  the latest hunting equipment, clothing and gear. Monte Cruz will be located in Booth # 760, in the same location as last year. 

The trade show highlights celebrity guests including UFC Champion Matt Hughes, “Duck Commander” Jase Robertson, and Whitetail expert Dr. James Kroll. Other attractions include Joe Martin’s Snakes of Texas, a youth archery shoot, the Texas Junior Angler’s catch tank and a laser shot and paintball trailer.  

Tickets are $10 for adults, $5 for children ages 13-17, and free to children 12 and under or those with an active military ID. We can’t wait to see all our friends in Houston, so come out to the show and enter for a chance to win a Free Corporate Whitetail Hunt at Monte Cruz! 

2011 Dove Season Reminders

Dove season is right around the corner and we can’t wait. The Texas Parks & Wildlife Department has issued a few changes for the 2011 dove season.  The South Zone Season Opener has been pushed back this year to September 23 and will run to October 30. The Central Zone Season will run from September 1- October 23. Also, please be aware that daily bag limits are 15. 

There are a few remaining dates open at the ranch so if you would like to secure a hunt then contact our office at (512) 280-9990 as soon as possible.  Dates are filling quickly.  

Updated Whitetail Scouting Photos Coming Soon

As deer season approaches, we’ve been working hard to place trail cameras throughout the property and are very excited with the deer we’ve seen so far. Though we’ve had a dry year, the horns are looking good to date.  

Also, early this week Bret will conduct a helicopter survey of the ranch. Check back on our Web site often to see new footage  and the trail camera photos of the whitetail development as the season nears.


July 2011 Hunting Report

Monte Cruz Sets Up Trail Cameras and Prepares for Fall Hunts

It’s July in South Texas and fawns are starting to hit the ground daily. It’s a tough time to be born in these harsh, dry periods in South Texas. The heat is extreme and fawn survival rates are key for deer herds five, six and seven years down the road. Our recent rains will help the fawn population, but stressed does may only be able to support one fawn instead of twins or in some cases triplets. Well managed ranches will fare better than non-managed ranches or ranches that are overgrazed by cattle. This is just one reason why Monte Cruz works so hard to properly manage our ranch. 

July also marks the time we start setting out trail cameras. It’s an exciting time for us as we pull the photo memory cards and send out pictures of the bucks as they finish out their growth over the rest of the summer leading up to the fall months. Look to our future Hunt Reports and keep checking back on our web site to see updates on this season’s bucks. 

We are two short months away from the start of dove season. Dry conditions will lead to some very exciting hunts around stock tanks and water holes. Having numerous contacts throughout the Uvalde area, our clients will be hunting over grain fields that were watered all summer. Book your hunt today as we only have a few weekday spots open and one October weekend available. 

Deerfly Adventures now Booking to Monte Cruz Ranch

Deerfly Adventures is in the business of outfitting adventures to your expectations.  They welcome all outdoor enthusiasts to share and experience the many hunting adventures and fishing vacations that they organize, using only the most skilled guides and outfitters. Deerfly Adventures is dedicated to preserving the highest of standards and the ethical pursuit of game, while maintaining a focus on preservation of wildlife habitat. MCRO is excited for this new opportunity with Deerfly.    





MCRO Featured in Exotics and Whitetail TV Shows

Our exotic hunt television program that aired last week on the Pursuit Channel was a huge success. We’ve received calls from as far as Alaska inquiring about our exotic packages. Thanks to Lone Star Surf and Turf Adventures for a show well done. Our whitetail hunts will also be featured in a couple of TV programs coming out this July on the Outdoor Channel with the Texas Trophy Hunters Association. We look forward to seeing these shows when they air. Check our Facebook page often for more updates.   



June 2011 Hunting Report

Monte Cruz Ranch to be Featured on Outdoor TV Program

Monte Cruz just completed a successful TV show hunt as we welcomed Lone Star Surf and Turf Adventures to the ranch. This show is an outdoor program that focuses on hunting and fishing throughout Texas.  For the show, we successfully harvested a Texas Dall with a bow, a blackbuck with a rifle, and a hog using night vision equipment. Look for the program to air on the Pursuit Channel (available on channel 608 on Direct TV; and channel 240 on Dish Network). 

* * * Updates From the Ranch * * * 

Maybrought much needed rain to all our pastures. The brush has finally turned green and the deer are relying less on the protein stations. Unfortunately, most of Texas is still under drought conditions. As we enter June, we are starting to notice some solid head gear on our bucks, and next month we will start setting up trail cameras.  

With school out, summer is a prefect time to teach our youth about the importance of the great outdoors. Our Ranch Manager, Bret, recently did a career day at an elementary school. The excitement and questions that came from the children led to the session running late. Teaching our youth about careers in ranching is very rewarding. Take a child hunting whenever possible, because they are our future. 

Also, MCRO is in preliminary stages of planning a 3-D archery shoot with Oasis Outback this coming February. The shoot will be held at Monte Cruz Ranch. More details to come. 

MCRO Prepares for TTHA Houston Hunters Extravaganza

The Texas Trophy Hunters Association Hunters Extravaganza will take place at the Reliant Center in Houston from August 5-7, 2011. Monte Cruz will be located in Booth # 760.  Admission is $10 for adults, $5 for children 13-17, and free to ages 12 and under or those with an active military ID. The celebrity showcase includes UFC fighter Matt Hughes, “Duck Commander” star Jase Robertson,  and whitetail expert Dr. James Kroll.  Monte Cruz hopes to see you there! 

Monte Cruz Remembers Service Men and Women

Monte Cruz Ranch hopes everyone had a safe and happy Memorial Day. We would like to thank all the brave men and women who have served to protect our great country, and we’d especially like to remember those who have given their lives. We appreciate all that you do to keep freedom in our nation. Thank you from all the staff at MCRO.


May 2011 Hunting Report

Dry Conditions at Monte Cruz Ranch Lead to Abundant Hogs and New Water Tank

 Pictured Left: Scott Koontz and his trophy hog, shot at Monte Cruz Ranch this past season. To schedule one of these affordable hog hunts, call our office at 210-346-1543 today. 

May comes upon us fast and dry. Most of Texas has been declared a disaster area due to the harsh, arid conditions. We are on record for the driest time since the 1960’s. Ranches with good management plans and that feed protein should have good mature deer this coming fall. Monte Cruz has helped the deer in spite of this drought by feeding protein on all our ranches, so we are expecting another excellent deer season.  

We are more concerned that a severe drought could hurt fawn crops, quail crops, and turkey hatches. Dry conditions do not provide enough cover to help protect the young. May is normally our wettest month of the year, so we’re praying the region sees some much needed rainfall. 

However, the parched environment does mean hogs, hogs and more hogs... They continue daily to try and get inside our protein stations. Wild boar are thick right now near water holes and feed stations. These hunts meet every hunter’s budget and the meat is great eating. Come fill your freezer! 

Monte Cruz is also taking advantage of these dry times by cleaning out our existing tanks, and we are currently digging a new tank just below the lodge. It should be completed by next month’s report. The saying around Uvalde is “We are one day closer to rain,” so we’ll be ready when it comes.  

Monte Cruz Ranch Now Offers New Exotic Species Hunts 

Big axis bucks are shedding velvet and summer months are a great time to hunt these tasty exotics. MCRO is also happy to announce our exotic pasture now has 4 Horned Sheep. Our clients suggested we add these beautiful animals, so we did. As always, we value your input and we try to do everything we can to make each hunt different than the last.


April 2011 Hunting Report 

Oasis Outback Names MCRO the Outfitter of the Year

Monte Cruz would like to thank Oasis Outback for their deer contest this past year. Monte Cruz Ranch was named their outfitter of the year. We have come a long way the last couple of seasons and we look forward to making your dreams come true. We’d also like to thank all of our staff for a great year: Michael, Jason, Charlie, Kramer, GA, Travis, Robin/Kiley, Michelle, Virginia, and Maranda. We have a great team that works well together. THANK YOU!


Spring Brings New Hunting Opportunities to Monte Cruz

As we enter April, spring time is officially upon us. It’s a great time of the year to visit deer leases to look for shed horns, do some turkey hunting, stalk some hogs, or hunt exotics. Monte Cruz offers exciting upland bird packages. As these photo shows, our guys had a great one-day quail hunt on released birds. The group added on a day of quail hunting over dogs with their scheduled turkey hunt. Our dog handlers have first-class hunting rigs and the best canines in South Texas. The next couple of months are great times for an upland hunt, which can consist of banded quail, chukar, and pheasant carefully released over light brush or our quail strips. 

Our first turkey hunt started a little slow. Though they had some misses, the group finished successfully with a couple of birds. The turkeys were not talking as much as we like them to, but patience proved key while sitting over feed stations and waiting for the big Toms to come in with their group of hens. As April gets in full swing the birds seem to start responding better to calls. We have a few open dates remaining. 

Hogs, Hogs, Hogs! We have them. If you want them, come and get them. Due to the dry conditions our hog numbers are heavy around our corn feeders, protein stations, and water holes. Our last group harvested 14 hogs on a two day hunt. We also have a large number of Javelina. Help fine tune your bow skills by spotting and stalking them in our corned senderos.  To book any of these great hunts, call out office today at 210-346-1543.


March 2011 Hunting Report 

Monte Cruz Ranch Prepares for Upcoming Turkey Season

We are less than three weeks away from the start of turkey season and our scouting trips have spotted a few good groups of big gobblers. If you’re looking for an action packed hunt to help cure your end of deer season blues... this is it!   In order to prepare for your Spring Turkey Hunt, make sure you have the proper equipment. The following is a check list of suggested items that Monte Cruz recommends you bring: good quality decoys, 6-8 hens, 3-5 Jakes and/or Toms (recommended “Pretty Boy”); camo 12 gauge pumps or auto’s that shoot 3 in or 3-1/2 inch; several boxes of 3 and 3-1/2 inch #2 shot or some sort of magnum load with full, extra full or turkey chokes; box calls and slates calls with extra strikers; mouth calls if preferred; extra face mask; light weight camo gloves; targets that allow a hunter to see the pattern of his shotgun; camo seat cushion; camo clothing (light should work for normal Spring conditions, but check weather forecast); camo rain gear poncho; hunting license; photo ID; good knife; flashlight; camo backpack for gear, water and snacks; camera and video camera.  Spring also offers exotic hunting, hog hunting, predator hunting, and upland hunting even after turkey season. We offer these exciting hunts under well lighted feeders. Hogs are an easy target if you’re at the right place, or the right blind. Our exotic pasture is fully stocked with trophy animals and our upland hunts are filled with lots of birds to keep everyone shooting and on their toes. You can even combine turkey, hog, exotic and upland hunt packages to keep your group going non-stop! 

Contact our office at 210-346-1543 to reserve your dates or find out more about these great hunts.


 March Brings Shed Horns to Monte Cruz Ranch

The first of March increases the chance of finding shed horns around fence lines, protein stations, water holes or troughs. Shed horns give us a good indication that bucks have made it through the rut and are slowly recovering by hitting the protein stations hard. South Texas is dry right now as we have not had any rain since last September, so feeding protein and providing minerals to our deer are just a few ways we combat dry seasons.


February 2011 Hunting Report

Monte Cruz Ranch Prepares for Spring Hunts

Though deer season has come to a close, Monte Cruz Ranch still offers plenty of opportunities for great hunts throughout the year. It’s time to turn our attention to turkey, upland bird, hog, javelina and exotic hunts.  

As the weather starts to change and spring time follows, the old gobblers start strutting. Turkeys visit the same protein stations and corn feeders that we keep going year round for our deer. It’s thrilling to set up and call in an old long beard to harvest. Please call for our rates and open dates.  

Upland bird hunting is as exciting as it gets. If you have never experienced upland hunting in South Texas for banded quail, pheasant, and chukar, you’re missing out. We release nothing but the best birds for our clients, and use some of the finest dogs this region has to offer. With plenty of birds, we look forward to the hunts we have booked to date. 

Hunting wild hogs under lighted feeders is a blast. Hogs are very hard to pattern. They come and they go, but eventually they will near a feeder. We have improved our stations for better vision and this makes a world of difference. We are also offering a special hog /javelina package to meet anyone’s budget. Call or email for more details. 

Right now, our exotic pasture is full of blackbuck, axis bucks, oryx, gemsbok, aoudad, and rams. As always, we honor a no kill, no trophy fee policy.  

Contact our office at 210-346-1543 to reserve your dates or find out more about our Spring hunts.


MCRO to Attend 2011 Houston Hunters Extravaganza


Mark your calendar! Once again, Monte Cruz Ranch will be attending the Texas Trophy Hunters Association Hunters Extravaganza. The trade show will take place at the Reliant Center in Houston from August 5-7, 2011. We will be located in the same booth as last year, Booth # 760.  We look forwad to seeing our clients and making new friends. More details to come as the show approaches.


January 2011 Hunting Report 

Monte Cruz Ranch Whitetail Season Round-Up

It’s hard to believe we are entering our last week of deer season. It only seems like yesterday that Tommy Adkins harvested his 192 B&C. It has been a great deer season and one that we’ll remember for a long time. We harvested 170 class free range bucks and look to continue moving that number upward in both scores and the quantity we take. This year has been the year of the drop tine with a total of 5 harvested and more seen. Three of those bucks were free range, fair chase bucks and two were in our high fence.  

We want to thank all the clients who have re booked and who are spreading the word about Monte Cruz. We consider all of you friends and hunting buddies, not just clients. We’d like to thank the parents who brought their sons and daughters down to hunt with us. It’s important we get more of our youth in the outdoors because they are our future.  We also want to thank all the new clients who have booked for 2011 and 2012. We look forward to meeting you, hunting with you, and making your dreams come true.




Please feel free to contact our office with any improvements you think could help us make your trip better. We’re always listening and willing to learn and try new things, so fire away.


Monte Cruz Hunts Filmed for Upcoming TV Shows

Monte Cruz wrapped up two successful TV shows with Texas Trophy Hunters Association, and both our hunters harvested very nice free range bucks on camera. Congratulations to Brent McCuiston and Brian Smith for letting us film your hunts. Brent won his hunt through a Membership of the Year award TTHA offered, and Brian has hunted with us for many years. Both did a great job along with camera crews. Thank you TTHA for working with Monte Cruz; we look forward to future hunts with you guys.



December 2010 Hunting Report

Monte Cruz Clients Harvest Monster Free Range Whitetail


The bucks in the photo scored 151 B&C, 158 B&C, 161 B&C, 171 B&C, and the big 8 pointer with the drop tine grossed over 140 B&C. Robert Boehme shot his 171 gross buck with guide Jason Ferguson and will be getting a jacket from Los Cazadores


November started off with a bang as Monte Cruz produced a 171 gross free range whitetail. The rains this past Winter, Spring, and Summer played an important role in our free range whitetail herd as evident by this group photo.  

Last year Monte Cruz produced six jacket winners for the Los Cazadores contest. Currently we have three this season, and we are looking for more. 

Going into this season we expected to harvest many large free range bucks. Our hunts have achieved that goal, and we have not even hit December and January yet. Bucks are slowly starting to come to corn and show interest in does. We expect more of the same in the next couple of months. 

We have limited free range hunts remaining in December and only a couple of open dates in January. Late season hunting can produce some big deer in low fence country as bucks never seen before could randomly appear looking for does.  

Monster whitetail are chasing does in our high fence as well, and we have a minimum number of hunts remaining for deer that could score up to 200 B&C. 

Call our office at 210-346-1543 to reserve your spot today. Keep checking back to our online Hunt Galleries as new photos are added every week.  

Reserve 2011 Dove Hunts Now to Guarantee Prime Dates

 It’s never too early to think about dove season! If you’re looking to reward your staff or entertain clients, a dove hunt is the perfect way to show them a great time, and either thank them for their hard work or for being a good client. We have some open weekends and weekday hunts still available, and we can accommodate groups up to 25. Call the office at 210-346-1543 now to reserve your prime dove hunting date!


November 2010 Hunting Report

Client Spotlight: Tommy Adkins Harvests 192 B&C

Congratulations to Tommy Adkins for harvesting a 192 gross, triple drop tine buck during an archery hunt from our high fence. This is a great deer for a great man. Good job Tommy and we look forward to seeing you back in 2011!                                                                          

 MCRO Hunt Featured in Latest Texas Trophy Hunters Magazine

The November/December issue of The Journal of Texas Trophy Hunters is now available, and features an article highlighting Chris Huff’s 2009 whitetail hunt at Monte Cruz Ranch.  Chris made an exhilarating 145-yard shot during his free range hunt last December.  The article is located on page 10 of the magazine in the “Spotlight on Texas Trophy Hunters” section. This issue is out on newsstands now so pick up your copy today, or go online to our website to view the article.   

Coming Weekend Marks Start to Rifle Whitetail Season

Fall is slowly making its way to South Texas. We are checking deer blinds, topping off feeders, scouting for bucks, and trimming up shooting lanes. It’s that time of the year for us. The general deer season opens November 6th and we could not be more excited. We work nine months out of the year to get ready for this. We live for it! As you have seen by some of our free range photos , we anticipate it’s going to be a great year. Though we hope to harvest a few free range bucks that will gross over 170 B&C, we are certain to harvest plenty of bucks between 145 and 170 B&C. We added another 4,200 acres of free range country in Maverick County. With this new addition we have 18,000 acres available in one of the best counties in South Texas. As things are slowly drying up, the  bigger bucks are slowly showing themselves. We have limited prime dates remaining, so don’t miss out. Call our office today at 210-346-1543 to book your hunt.    


Ocotber 2010 Hunting Report

 Monte Cruz Ranch Conducts 2010 Helicopter Survey

October. What a great time of year! The dove hunting is winding down and the start of whitetail deer season is upon us.Monte Cruz prepares for the season in many ways, but probably the most thrilling being helicopter surveys.                                                                            

Michael, Jason, Bret and the pilot took off on a clear cool morning in hopes of having a great deer count. Once in the air it became very apparent the country is so green from all the spring and summer rains. On the best of days, most surveys will count about 50% of a deer herd, and that is what Monte Cruz counted this day. We jumped bucks that we had never seen scouting or on cameras, and we did not spot many of the bucks that we had previously scouted or captured on trail cams. One thing for sure we learned from the survey is that our fawn crop is outstanding! The big mature bucks we did jump are very, very good and it seemed we flushed covey’s of quail on every grid we flew. 

Pictured Above: MCRO is going strong as we get ready to unload from the trailer and do our helicopter surveys for the year.


First Whitetail Hunt of the Season Proves Successful

Finishing up the survey we turned our attention to the first whitetail hunt of the year. Our main ranch is half high fenced and half low fenced. Monte Cruz operates our high fence  under MLD Level 3 which allows us to hunt with bow or rifle there. Our goal was to cull the herd by harvesting does, cull bucks, and go after a few trophy bucks. The best buck pictured right was arrowed by Jr. Davis, and was rough scored at 178 and 6/8’s. This buck will be officially scored at Los Cazadores and may go a little higher. This particular whitetail had over 42 inches of mass and weighed out over 200 pounds live. 

Our next bow hunter arrives this Thursday, followed by bow hunter David Blanton of Realtree. Blanton will hunt one of our 14,000 acre free range pastures in Maverick County.

Several spots are still available for both free range and high fence bow and rifle hunts. All high fence hunters are entered in the Los Cazadores deer contest. Monte Cruz has already placed one qualifier for 2010, so come join us as the next winner of this prestigious jacket.  

Pictured: 155” 10 point by Scott Glasscock; 18”+ jet black Blackbuck by Johnny Bass; good management buck with matching kickers harvested by Russell Sinclair;  Stevie Davis.  



September 2010 Hunting Report

 Weekend Marks Opening Dove Season at Monte Cruz Ranch

Dove season kicks off this weekend! Monte Cruz Ranch is ready for wingshooting. The dove hunting looks to be good from all scouting reports, and so far large volumes of doves are available this season. Grain fields and water tanks will have some great shooting. There are still a couple of dates open in October so call our office at 210-346-1543 to book now or place a deposit for the 2011 season.

 Scouting Continues as Deer Season Approaches

Deer season is only 30 days away for our MLD and our bow hunting ranches, and 60 days away from the general rifle season. As things dry up the bucks are hitting the protein stations and corn feeders a little harder than they have when it was wet and green. As you can tell by the photos below or from the photos we have previously emailed, we are very excited about our upcoming deer season. We still have some prime dates open so please call our office at 210-346-1543 for more info. From Left: Free range scouting photo, High fence scouting photo 

Winner Announced for Hunters Extravaganza Drawing

Congratulations to Wayne Bahr of Lake Jackson, Texas for winning the Monte Cruz corporate whitetail hunt drawing at the Texas Trophy Hunters Extravaganza in Houston last month. We were glad to see all the new and the familiar faces alike, and a special thanks to all our clients that stopped by the booth!


August 2010 Hunting Report 

Early Scouting Predicts Excellent Whitetail for 2010 Season

Above are two of the first pictures from the scouting cameras recently set up on Monte Cruz Ranch. The daylight photo was taken from our high fence area, and the night photo from our free range. Look closely to see the double drop tines! The low fence wide 8 point is a good example of the typical MCRO management bucks we expect this fall due to the heavy rainfalls we received.  All of these bucks still have time to grow as they have not tipped out yet. Contact our office at 210-346-1543 to book your whitetail hunt now! 

Los Cazadores Deer Contest Awards Ceremony Set

As a reminder, the Los Cazadores Deer Contest 24th Annual Awards Ceremony is set for Saturday, September 18, 2010. Monte Cruz Ranch had six jackets winners this past season that will be honored at the awards ceremony.  More information about the ceremony will be available online at as the ceremony details are finalized. In the meantime, contact their headquarters (830) 334-5959 for information. Next season marks the 25th Anniversary for the deer contest. Registration is now open online. Monte Cruz wants to remind clients that all our Monarch High Fence Trophy hunts are automatically entered into this prestigious deer contest. 

See MCRO at the Hunters Extravaganza Trade Show in Houston this weekend!

Stop by a visit us at Booth # 760 this weekend at the TTHA Hunters Extravaganza trade show at the Reliant Center in Houston, TX, from August 6-8, 2010. Enter for a chance to win a free Corporate Whitetail Hunt with Monte Cruz. More details and Hunt Specials will be available only during the Hunters Extravaganza, so don’t miss out! Clients may contact Bret Ferguson at blferg@sbcglobal .net for information about a visitor’s pass. We hope to see you there!



July 2010 Hunting Report 

Monte Cruz Counts Down to Hunters Extravaganza Weekend

The 2010 Hunters Extravaganza is just around the corner, and Monte Cruz Ranch is preparing for the show!  This exhibit features the latest and greatest hunting equipment, clothing, gear and accessories.  Attractions include a live bear show, snake pit, laser shot and paintball trailer, as well as a 3-D archery championship tournament and also several celebrity guests from the hunting industry.   This event will be held in the Reliant Center in Houston, Texas from August 6-8, 2010. Monte Cruz Ranch will be located in Booth #760 near the 3-D Archery Tournament. Please stop by and to say hello.  Admission is $10 for adults, $5 for children ages 13-17, and free for children 12 and under or for anyone with an active Military ID. Make sure to bring the entire family.  There will also be donation sites located in the parking lot for the Hunters Harvest organization, so clean out your freezer and drop off frozen, wrapped and processed wild game to be distributed to local area food banks.  More information about the show is available online at under the Hunters Extravaganza tab.  We hope to see you there!  

Ranch Sets Up Cuddeback Cameras for Scouting Whitetail

For those of you who have been reading our reports, July is when we start setting up our Cuddeback cameras to begin scouting and taking inventory of bucks we know we let walk last year. We also see how the past season’s younger bucks turned out. As the months roll towards fall, fawns will start hitting the ground and with all the rain we have had, we should expect an abundance! The rain not only helps the fawn production, but also the quail, dove, and turkey hatches. We have seen many poult running with older hens. Check our website often to see these updated scouting photos. More will be posted soon!  

There is still time to book a hog and/or exotic hunt this summer. Hogs are thick and our axis bucks are in prime condition as you can tell by the happy hunters who just left the ranch. Call our office at 210-346-1543 to book your hunt today. 


June 2010 Hunting Report

Monte Cruz Monster Axis and Exotics Hunts

It’s heating up in South Texas and so are our exotics! These two big axis bucks were just shot out of our exotic pasture and there are plenty more where they come from. Our exotic hunts are on a per day basis, and once an animal is harvested then a trophy fee is due. If you do not harvest a exotic you do not pay anything except the daily rate. Clients can spot and stalk, sit in well placed tripods, or hunt safari-style.  It’s your hunt, so it’s your preference. Contact our office today to book your next exotics hunt 210-346-1543.   

Outdoor Life Features Uvalde in Top Whitetail Wondertowns 

The current issue of Outdoor Life Magazine features a cover story on the top “Whitetail Wondertowns.” Uvalde, Texas was listed among the top places in the U.S. for whitetail hunting.  To find out more, pick up a copy of the June/July issue that is out now.  In related whitetail news, guides are seeing bucks with nice head gear for the end of May. In five short weeks, we will start setting out our trail cameras to film these bucks and distinguish how much they have added since last season. The rains continue to come and we are in great shape as we enter June. We’ll be emailing clients photos of bucks from our high fence and low fence ranches soon. We can’t wait!


Crops and Rain Help Gear Up Ranch for Dove Hunts

 We’ve planted our milo/sunflowers and have had two good rains since then. Three years ago when we had good rains, the dove hunting was outstanding on the ranch. All the farm area surrounding the Uvalde area has great looking crops, and it should make for a great dove season. Call now for open dates and rates 210-346-1543.


May 2010 Hunting Report

Monte Cruz Ranch & Outfitters Spring Round-Up

The spring turkey season is winding down and this year was a little tougher hunting than our normal season. We had some hunters and guides who put a lot of time in the field and ended up with very nice birds. It seems the later the season got, the better the Toms responded to calls, and hunting over or close to feed areas proved successful. We expect a better 2011 season as we are currently looking at some ranches with tremendous turkey habitat, including a huge amount of water and great roosting areas. We’ll keep you posted as we add these new areas. At this time, the axis bucks are rubbing off their velvet. We have several in our exotic pasture ranging from 32” to 38”. Our pasture also has blackbucks, aoudad, rams, and oryx. The hogs are thick right now, and areas around our non-fenced feeders have a lot of sign. The feeder lights make hunting these animals even easier after dark. Call our office to discuss an exotic/hog combo hunt. Dove season is practically knocking on the door. Only a couple of weekend dates remain, and a few weekday hunts are still open. There are tons of doves on our country in Maverick County that will make for some exciting tank shoots. Hundreds of birds will be flying into these reservoirs in the evenings before they roost. If you’ve never had a fast paced tank shoot, you are missing out! We are planting fields in Milo and sunflowers this coming week. This will attract masses of birds from surrounding ranches. We also have some of the best contacts in Uvalde for White-winged and Mourning doves.  

Contact our office at 210-346-1543 to reserve your spot on one of these great hunts this upcoming season. 

  Hunters Extravaganza Update 

The Hunters Extravaganza in Houston is only a few months away. The show takes place August 6-8, 201o at the Reliant Center. Tickets are only $10 for adults, $5 for children 13-17, and free to children under 12 or adults with an active Military ID.  We look forward to seeing our Houston clients at the show. Stop by and visit; we can talk about new hunting adventures or your past experiences with Monte Cruz. We will be located at Booth # 760 near the 3-D archery tournament. 


April 2010 Hunting Report

MCRO Clients Earn Six Jackets in State Deer Contest

Monte Cruz Ranch produced six Los Cazadores jacket winners in 2009 in the high fence division with bucks scoring from 169-194 B&C. This is a new record for the ranch. Three of the bucks were harvested with a bow, and three were harvested with a rifle.  The Los Cazadores Deer Contest is an annual hunting competition that started in 1986 for Texas and Northern Mexico. Today, over two thousand participate in the competition each year.  Congratulations to our clients on a job well done, and we look forward to them returning to Monte Cruz in hopes of trying to break their own records (and set another ranch record) in 2010. Bret Ferguson guided four of these great hunters, and had a wonderful time doing it. MCRO expects the new ranch record to tumble this upcoming deer season, as we fully anticipate harvesting a few bucks grossing over 200”. Our high fence hunts are on a trophy scale system. Monte Cruz uses official Los Cazadores measurers to score all bucks harvested, and pricing is determined from the official score. You can view all of the winning bucks at the Los Cazadores Deer Contest online at To reserve your spot hunting one of these award winning whitetails, contact us today at 210-346-1543.  Winners Counterclockwise: Tommy Adkins arrowed a 192 B&C; Billy Plemmons shot a 192 7/8 B&C; Benny Koontz shot the largest whitetail buck to date harvested off Monte Cruz Ranch at 194 B&C; Chris Morris arrowed a 169 B&C;  Jim Massey arrowed a 182 B&C; and Stevie Davis shot a 187 B&C with a rifle. 

Monte Cruz to Participate in Houston Extravaganza

Get ready to mark your calendars! Monte Cruz Ranch is pleased to announce participation in the Texas Trophy Hunters Association 2010 Houston Hunters Extravaganza. The hunting convention will be held at the Reliant Center in Houston, Texas, from August 6-8.  We’ll keep you updated on the details as the date approaches


March 2010 Hunting Report

Monte Cruz Ranch Expands Free Range Hunting 

Exciting times abound at Monte Cruz as we continue to lease better free range country for our clients to enjoy great free range hunting. We are currently leasing 13,600 acres in Maverick County and we are looking for more. Maverick County is one of the top Boone & Crockett producers in all of South Texas. Some free range ranches have harvested free range deer grossing over 200”. Though a 200” buck is not the norm, it proves what this country can produce when properly managed.  We are currently feeding protein on our free range ranches, and we are getting timely rain on average every other week. The combination of both protein and rain is setting us up for a great antler year for 2010. We’re excited about hunting this new country and look forward to chasing big ‘ol bucks with all our free range clients.  Besides seeing 10-15 bucks per day, you just never know what else will step out of the brush when hunting in this country, whether it’s a  bobcat, coyote, hog, javelina, badger, etc.  Come join us at Monte Cruz ranch and be one of the first to hunt this new country. 

Find Monte Cruz Ranch on Facebook 

Monte Cruz Ranch & Outfitters has joined the ranks of millions of other internet savy Americans by creating a Facebook page.  If you have an online Facebook account, please show your support and become a Monte Cruz Ranch “fan.”



February 2010 Hunting Report

MCRO’s First Year Produces Multiple Bucks 190+ B&C

As whitetail season closes, Monte Cruz looks back on it’s opening year and the record breaking bucks that were produced. This past season our clients harvested three amazing whitetails scoring 190 B&C or higher. Pictures of the monter bucks, as well as many others taken throughtout this winter, are now available to view on our Web site at under our Galleries section. To reserve your spot next season for a chance at these great whitetail, contact our office now at 210-346-1543.  

Turkey Hunts Still Available for 2010 Season

Turkey season is fast approaching! Our guides have reported seeing  many large Toms throughout whitetail season, and are looking forward to great Spring hunts. Monte Cruz Ranch has some openings remaining for the 2010 Spring turkey season, but spots are filling up quickly, so book your hunt today before it’s too late. Hunts start under $1,000 per person including meals and lodging. For more information, or to book a hunt today, contact our office at 210-346-1543. 

Monte Cruz Ranch Announces Online Hunting Blog

Monte Cruz Ranch & Outfitters is pleased to announce the online publication of our hunting blog. The blog is available for the public to read on our Web site, at under the Blog tab on the left hand side of the home page. Monte Cruz will be discussing topics such as hunting and travel tips, upcomming seasons, news from the ranch, and more. The blog will be periodically updated throughout each month, so be sure to check back often!